Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Pain

Yao Yao does not want to think whatever nasty words that man said, she just wants to escape from this scary Host.

Her petite posture is touched by that man: “Huh…” the man subordinate has stood in front of her, while she is crying.

“Damn it! I satisfied with the reaction.” when the man saw this type lovely-pity act, he did not show any mercy, further more he even feels more excited.

His big hands are strongly forced to break her hand that blocks in front of her chest.

Seeing her chest cleavage exposed, she still preserved to beg: “Big…Big brother, I… I don’t have “anything”, not interesting; you go to serve other client, will you?”

“Ah.” She looked so scared while the man showed his devilish smile, intentionally stopped.

“Hu…” Yao Yao feels little bit relax. But at the other moment, she felt chills and her body become rigid, this is really not alike herself.

“Yu Lao Da (Boss Yu)!” at the moment when the man wants to do something, one of the subordinate suddenly barging into the room, cut the conversation.

“Yu…Lao Da?” she dumbfounded after heard it, Yao Yao feels as if a bolt from the blue.

She looked terrifying to the man that pressed her body.



He is? Yu…Ao Tian???