Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Being forced by Host to…

“Hey, where are you going? I have given you money, you can’t go!” Yao Yao caught up with him but being stopped by two of his subordinates, directly bring her to second floor.

This Host bar second floor is quite beautiful and splendid, it is the place where the host “do that” with the client.

“Let go of me, let go, where are you guys taking me?” Yao Yao is yelling and her voice echoing in second floor. That two people who bring her are ignored her, they just tossed her into one of the room. They looked each other, helplessly shake their head: “This little girl is dead meat…”

Inside the room, Yao Yao is looking at the surrounding of the splendid room: “This is?” her eyes flashed and stopped at where the red wine is put: “Ha, there is wine.” And then she is rushing to the in front, she grabbed one bottle of the red wine and opened it, she gulps one big mouthful, she is gulping the red wine big mouthful…

“Is it taste good?”

“It tasted good.” Ugh? Is there somebody inside the room? She looked all around of the room… there is a man who stands right in front of the French window and his hand is holding the wine glass.

Who is he? Yao Yao moves to take a look…

“Oh it’s you ah. Hm, why did run just now? All because of you, I was brought by two bastards to here, they grabbed my hand and it still feels hurt.”

“Oh, you are tall, are you 190cm something? Do you have hobby to play basket ball? Ha, you have sturdy muscle.” Now she is comparing her height with the man who stands in front of her, while her hands touching his muscles.

“Ugh.” Facing with this kind of situation, the man sneered, taking the opportunity to take the wine bottle from her hands.

“Hey, what are you doing? Why are you taking my thing? Give it back to me! give it back!” the only 150 cm something of Yao Yao won’t be able to reach that man hands even she jumping as high as she could, this kind of scene simply to say very cute.

“Take off your clothes.”

Take off clothes? Did she heard wrong? “You… what was you said?”

“Little Thing, didn’t you say that you want to get wildly today? I am here to accompany you, moreover… I don’t collect money.” The man exposure devilish smile, the wine bottle is put near the bedside, turned his back, at the blink of eyes he has already in bed, his showed kind of sinister expression: “Are you taking off by yourself or should I help you?”


This man domineering way of speaking is startled Yao Yao, this… this host… why he is so aggressive?

When she stills in very confusing moment, the man suddenly laughed: “hm, it seems I need to help you to take off.” He seems to lift his “little bro”, harshly tossed her in bed.

“Hey, I…” she just wanted to climb down from the bed, but the man has already strongly pressed her back, stay still. She completely looked alike unfortunate little lamb: “Wait…wait, I…my purpose coming here… just to play, I don’t need any special treatment.”

“Heh?” The man sexy lips suddenly curled up, showed devilish smile: “O? So you does not need any special treatment?”

“Yes, Yes! I don’t need! I don’t need it!”

“But…I need the special treatment!” after he said, that man eyes showed hidden intend, stretched his other free hand, using little bit strength, forced to tear…

‘tearing sound’, she just felt her back chilling, suddenly bad negative thought invading her head. “You… You… what do you want to do? Let me go! Let me go! I just only a little girl, You let me go.”

“O? little girl? But just now you are not showing that little girl manner.”

When she heard this man taunting voice, she finally understood everything is happen because she asked it for herself. But… “Big… Big brother, actually my coming her only for revenge my Ex-boyfriend, I had seen by myself he and another woman “doing that”, so I pissed off and…coming here. I begged you to let me off.”